Queens Animal Hospital

5612 Roosevelt Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377



Our Staff 

Samantha (Clinic Manager)

Samantha has always wanted to be in the veterinary field and has never strayed from it.  She received her Bachelors in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College and has over 11 years of experience in the veterinary field. Samantha's fur baby is a Pembroke Welch Corgi named Lilly.  When she is not at work, Samantha enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing frisbee with Lilly, and cooking. 

 Marielle (Tech)

Marielle has been an avid animal lover since childhood. She has taken this love to pursue a career in the veterinary field. Marielle enjoys every opportunity she gets to work with animals, allowing her to interact with them. Although she doesn't have a pet of her own, Marielle takes great pride in ensuring that all our clients receive the utmost care that they deserve. 

Wendy M (Tech)

Wendy M. Was born and raised in Queens, NY. She has two dogs of her own, Jordan and Valentine who her world revolves around. Currently she is studying Animal science. Loving and enjoying her job, she ensures every pet and their parent feels comfortable with their time here at QAH. Wendy is very into Fashion/Arts, reading, and swimming.

Nancy (Tech)

Nancy lives in Queens with her 3 pets Skrappy the Dog, Pebbles the Cat, and Pauly the Parrot.  She has a very friendly personality and is good at problem solving.  Her goal is to become a Veterinarian some day. While Nancy is not at work, her hobbies include playing handball and drawing. She also enjoys dog walking and cat sitting.  

Angel (Tech)

Angel was born in Brooklyn. Later he moved to Mexico and just recently came back to N.Y. He is a very science-oriented person, who's goal is to become a scientist some day. He would like to become a zoologist and study the interactions of animals and their habit, as well as ways to help protect them. He is also very interested in medicine research, and that's why he is studying to become a Veterinarian in Mexico. He is very polite and always look to find a conflict free way to deal with issues that would come up. Angel's hobbies include reading books and playing/training basketball.

Luke (Tech)

Luke has 12 cats, a dog, 4 turtles, a bird, and three lizards.  He is nuts for critters and tries to love all that he meets like they were his very own.  Luke has been working with animals since he was 17.  On his spare time he loves watching movies, reading comics, and he loves acting. 


Maria (Receptionist)

Maria was born in Peru and raised in Queens. She has always been an animal lover and is that kind of person that stops to say hello to a dog. She is always looking at the positive side of life and is a bit of a comedian. Maria's fur baby is Mia a Jack Russell. Mia is a feisty, yet sweet 3 year old pup, who keeps Maria on her toes. On their spare time, their favorite thing to do is to watch horror movies together.  

Melissa (Receptionist)

Melissa was born and raised in Queens, where she currently lives with her two kids.  This is the first time she's worked with animals despite having two dogs of her own.  Even though Melissa is the receptionist, she loves to interact with all the patients and make sure they are getting the best care. QAH has become like her second home.  She aspires to get as much experience to move on to a Vet tech and even a vet one day.